Sunday 25 August 2013

Our Experiences : “Dev tari tyala kon mari”. By Dr. Kavita

Once a tribal came to our eye hospital. He had fully matured cataract in one eye and nearly matured cataract in other.
He had intense desire to get operated. He was operated and his vision was satisfactory after surgery.
            Two days of discharged, patient came back with diminished vision with blood in anterior chamber of eye. I was shocked. But after detail enquiry, we came to know that he was injured by a bull while he was putting a rope through the hole in nasal septum of bull.
            Emergency eye surgery was carried out by washing the whole blood and clot.  The brownish black iris tissue was in section and the intraocular lens which was implanted was dislodged in anterior chamber. I managed the case and rest was left for  the  almighty god that if retina is good then he will be able to see. There was sigh of relief and  I bowed in-front of god and remembered the saying in Marathi “ Dev tari tyala kon mari”. Then the patient vision become alright and he was discharged satisfactorily.


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