Tuesday 1 November 2016

Global research initiated

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Launching of RSV project in presence of Dr. Eric
One of the programs MAHAN is running is to carry out various scientific research. Complete MAHAN work is based upon scientific data collection & analysis. 

Child death due to pneumonia is not uncommon in Melghat. 
A joint research is initiated to understand the association between RSV virus and child deaths and pneumonia. It will help to decide policies for RSV vaccination globally.
Dr. ERIC  (WHO consultant, consultant of Gates foundation, C.D.C and Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colarado), Elizabeth and Carosone from USA , visited MAHAN in this regard.

Organic Farming-Long term solution to Malnutrition

MAHAN supervisor at farm in Madhudavadi Village
MAHAN supervisor at farm in Ghota Village

MAHAN believes that long term solution to overcome malnutrition is to make tribal aware & encourage for farming. We started journey with Kitchen garden in our campus, then extended to back yards of tribal and now reached to the stage of Nutrition farms. All these are organic ones & hence low cost & sustainable. MAHAN team regularly guide & supervise the farms to ensure required results.

One more child life saved

Children dying due to pneumonia is common in Melghat. 'Anushka', a one & half years girl was suffering from severe pneumonia. MAHAN team convinced her family member to admit her in hospital. She was admitted in MAHAN Hospital on 18-9-2016 morning. After successful treatment, she went home back in normal condition. This way one more child was saved.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Story of developing 'Low Birth babies (LBW)' into normal ones-

Typical photo of Dr. Shinde examining child patient
at home on ground
Dr. Shinde, Pediatrician at MAHAN, found that in village 'Berda', twin babies born in Indore and recently came back were LBW and mother was having scanty breast milk. Dr. Shinde counselled the family & mother about breast feeding, extracted Breast Milk feeding with nutrients. Also advised about warmth & cleanliness, adequate dilution & quantity of formula feeding. It resulted into both babies recovering and growing well. This could be normal incidence had it been in cities or hospitals but conditions here in Melghat are different and hence this achievement stands out. Identity of mother & children are not disclosed.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Gramsabha (Community meetings)

Gramsabha (Community meetings)

We arrange 'Gramsabha' in our 15 intervention villages for mass health and nutrition awareness and community participation. The various activities in villages are village cleaning, tree plantation, personal hygiene, nutrition demonstration, health education for infectious diseases and proper nutrition, awareness rally, games for children, street play, village meeting, De-addiction and Malnutrition documentary. These helps to improve health canvas of Melghat.
Gramsabha in progress
Nail Cutting in gramsabha

Counselor persuasion resulted into saving mother life

A pregnant lady from 'Gobarkahu' was severely anemic and in need of urgent blood transfusion. But she and her family members were reluctant for hospitalization. Due to continuous intensive counseling by Lata Kasdekar (Counselor), she was hospitalized and received blood transfusion. Thus her life was saved. 
This success story is part of our program -'Counselor Program'

Typical picture of counselor counselling relatives of patients

Result of Persuasion

Result of Persuasion-
Our four field supervisors visited 'Kawalazhiri' village for screening the tribal people for eye problems. When they introduced themselves to villagers, one of the old ladies went inside her house and locked the door from inside. She was suffering from bilateral blindness since 3 years and not able to perform her daily activities properly. But she didn’t want surgery. After continuous counseling by MAHAN team, that old lady was ready for surgery and brought to our hospital by MAHAN ambulance. She was operated successfully in our hospital free of cost. She was really very happy to see the world again. This was a winning moment for MAHAN team.

“Nasha Mukta Tyohar Abhiyan” (Alcohol Free Festival Campaign)

“Nasha Mukta Tyohar Abhiyan” (Alcohol Free Festival Campaign)
Shramdan @ Berdaballa
                ‘Holi’ is the most popular and the biggest festival of Tribal. On this occasion, tribal celebrate the festival for 5 days & drink alcohol in large quantity. We are practicing the ‘alcohol free festival campaign’ since past 7-8 years in villages. Due to our efforts, women & village committee members and key persons of villages (Ghota, Kot, Chitri) could successfully reduce social drinking to a significant extent. In two villages, alcohol production was stopped. We are diverting this energy & time in constructive work.
Benefits of alcohol free campaign:
1)      People saved their money.
2)      No fights due to alcohol in households of those villages.
3)      No crime was reported in Police Station during this period.
People participation increased in various activities

Story of Coaching mother about neonatal care:

VHW Kanatabai taking weight of Baby boy
Story of Coaching mother about neonatal care:

In Village Chitri baby of  mother 'Y' (original name undisclosed), was case of low birth weight baby. Baby boy was having problem of sucking the breast-milk. VHW Kanata aunty educated mother about how to breastfeed the baby and visited regular check up. Subsequently baby gained the weight and after 20 days he gained required weight & normal.

This success story is part of our program -'Home Based Child Care'

Story of Mother 'X':

Story of Mother 'X': 
Happy & safe Mother 'X' with her new borne baby 
Mrs. ‘X’ (original name undisclosed), 22 years tribal pregnant woman from village Chitri, was a patient of severe hypertension (Initial BP - 180/110 mm of Hg). The treatment of hypertension was started by MAHAN VHW (Village Health Worker) and her BP was controlled during her 8th month of pregnancy. Our supervisor and VHW were continuously monitoring her blood pressure in village. She was the case of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and was at high risk because she can get convulsions at the time of delivery. Mother and child both were at risk of death. Institutional delivery was the major indication for this but her relatives especially her father in law was not ready to admit her in hospital. She has a history of still birth in the year 2014 because of PIH.

Our HBCC (Home Based Child Care) supervisor and VHW did intensive counselling of relatives for a day and admitted her to our base hospital. Her BP on the day of admission in hospital was 157/98 mm of Hg. Gynecologist started medication to control the blood pressure and she delivered a baby on the same night normally. We succeeded to save her and her baby’s life. It has been proved that continuous monitoring of the blood pressure of the pregnant women can save maternal and child lives and reduce deaths.
This is part of our program - 'Mortality Control Program for Economically Productive Age Group'.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Now, I will not have to eat half cooked food!!!

'Pyaribai', poor old tribal lady from Paretha village of Madhya Pradesh, was blind due to bilateral mature cataract. Her children were not taking care of her. But her husband was very optimistic. She came across our supervisors during screening. Our supervisors counselled her and bring her to our hospital for surgery. We found that she was suffering from hypertension, bronchitis and heart attack. We gave her medication and counselled for visiting again. Her husband wanted her to see. He took her twice to our hospital.  Her husband was very eager and he said, “We will stay in your hospital until she gets operated”. Finally, we took high risk consent and operated her. Now she is fine and can see clearly. Her husband blessed our team. He exclaimed, “Now, I will not have to eat half cooked food

Saturday 23 April 2016

Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) Award Ceremony -Dr. Kavita Ashish Satav

Dr. Kavita Satav is recently conferred with 'Maharashtra Medical Council Award 2015' at then hands of Hon. Union Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari

                                                        Click here for video link

Sunday 17 April 2016

A soulful evening to save a life

Mastek who is regularly supporting tribal of Melghat & MAHAN, over last few years has once again come forward in big way in support of MAHAN. It was a musical event –‘A soulful evening to save a life’. Playback singer Sanjeevani Bhelande sang songs of Gulzar -a song Czar.  It was organized on 25th April 2015 in Mumbai.

Mastek Foundation is supporting MAHAN endeavor by way of funding, kind, Ambulance, IT expertise, making its employees aware about cause etc. Mastek conferred MAHAN with 'Spirit of Mastek Award' in 2010-11.
We are thankful to complete Mastek foundation for their support to MAHAN & various causes.

Video Link of ‘A soulful evening to save a life

Saturday 16 April 2016

AmeriCares INDIA6th Spirit of Humanity Award
Dr Dani & Dr Ashish receiving award

AmeriCares India conferred MAHAN with 6th Spirit of Humanity Award 2015. The Spirit of Humanity Awards, by AmeriCares India- partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb, honor excellence by MAHAN working for the underprivileged, especially in the health care sector (especially for child health).
MAHAN was conferred this award in 2011 as well.


World CSR Congress Award-

World CSR congress conferred 'MAHAN' with ' Certificate of Merit' in Feb 2016.

It is for making a difference to the lives of tribal in Melghat India. For the quality of work, rural reach and outlook and ability to contribute value of social change. 

Various awards conferred are available at below link-

A ‘Real Award’ for the Real Hero-2012

Dr. Ashish Satav of MAHAN, was conferred with an 'REAL Award' by 'Save the Children' that acknowledges the contribution towards saving lives of tribal children in area of Melghat, India.
Click here for more details.

WHO honors public health champions-

WHO India cheif Mr. Henk Bekedam 
Conferring award to Dr. Ashish

Dr. Ashish Satav, MAHAN is conferred with 'Public Health Champion 2016' award by  WHO for 'Outstanding Contribution to Public Health in Country' on 7th Apr  2016 at New Delhi.