Sunday 22 May 2016

Now, I will not have to eat half cooked food!!!

'Pyaribai', poor old tribal lady from Paretha village of Madhya Pradesh, was blind due to bilateral mature cataract. Her children were not taking care of her. But her husband was very optimistic. She came across our supervisors during screening. Our supervisors counselled her and bring her to our hospital for surgery. We found that she was suffering from hypertension, bronchitis and heart attack. We gave her medication and counselled for visiting again. Her husband wanted her to see. He took her twice to our hospital.  Her husband was very eager and he said, “We will stay in your hospital until she gets operated”. Finally, we took high risk consent and operated her. Now she is fine and can see clearly. Her husband blessed our team. He exclaimed, “Now, I will not have to eat half cooked food