Saturday, 1 April 2017



Apollo Hospitals Group in collaboration with Network18 presented 'Healers of India' award in category-‘Angels of Rural India’ to Dr. Ashish Satav of MAHAN in a function held at New Delhi on 29th march 2017.

Union Health Minister, WHO India Chief, head of Apollo hospitals, chief editor of CNN and union health secretary of India honoring award to Dr. Ashish

Apollo Hospitals Group in collaboration with Network18 presented 'Healers of India', a path-breaking initiative to identify, honor and bring into mainstream media the unsung heroes at last mile who work silently and are rarely appreciated for their enormous effort.
For heroes who are contributing their level best, working tirelessly & selflessly....for ensuring better healthcare, saving lives and improving the health of India’s rural population....for being a backbone of India's rural healthcare sector. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Caring Friends

MAHAN is able to carry out work due to support of well wishers. 'Caring Friends' is one of the main supporters. 'Caring Friends' is supporting various organisations & people who are putting their efforts in bringing the change in society.
MAHAN had posted a blog earlier -
Social worker Dr. Avinash Savji who is running his NGO 'Prayas' has recently authored an article about Caring friends, in Marathi newspaper 'Sakal'. Same is posted here in the interest of larger audience.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Global research initiated

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Launching of RSV project in presence of Dr. Eric
One of the programs MAHAN is running is to carry out various scientific research. Complete MAHAN work is based upon scientific data collection & analysis. 

Child death due to pneumonia is not uncommon in Melghat. 
A joint research is initiated to understand the association between RSV virus and child deaths and pneumonia. It will help to decide policies for RSV vaccination globally.
Dr. ERIC  (WHO consultant, consultant of Gates foundation, C.D.C and Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colarado), Elizabeth and Carosone from USA , visited MAHAN in this regard.

Organic Farming-Long term solution to Malnutrition

MAHAN supervisor at farm in Madhudavadi Village
MAHAN supervisor at farm in Ghota Village

MAHAN believes that long term solution to overcome malnutrition is to make tribal aware & encourage for farming. We started journey with Kitchen garden in our campus, then extended to back yards of tribal and now reached to the stage of Nutrition farms. All these are organic ones & hence low cost & sustainable. MAHAN team regularly guide & supervise the farms to ensure required results.

One more child life saved

Children dying due to pneumonia is common in Melghat. 'Anushka', a one & half years girl was suffering from severe pneumonia. MAHAN team convinced her family member to admit her in hospital. She was admitted in MAHAN Hospital on 18-9-2016 morning. After successful treatment, she went home back in normal condition. This way one more child was saved.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Story of developing 'Low Birth babies (LBW)' into normal ones-

Typical photo of Dr. Shinde examining child patient
at home on ground
Dr. Shinde, Pediatrician at MAHAN, found that in village 'Berda', twin babies born in Indore and recently came back were LBW and mother was having scanty breast milk. Dr. Shinde counselled the family & mother about breast feeding, extracted Breast Milk feeding with nutrients. Also advised about warmth & cleanliness, adequate dilution & quantity of formula feeding. It resulted into both babies recovering and growing well. This could be normal incidence had it been in cities or hospitals but conditions here in Melghat are different and hence this achievement stands out. Identity of mother & children are not disclosed.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Gramsabha (Community meetings)

Gramsabha (Community meetings)

We arrange 'Gramsabha' in our 15 intervention villages for mass health and nutrition awareness and community participation. The various activities in villages are village cleaning, tree plantation, personal hygiene, nutrition demonstration, health education for infectious diseases and proper nutrition, awareness rally, games for children, street play, village meeting, De-addiction and Malnutrition documentary. These helps to improve health canvas of Melghat.
Gramsabha in progress
Nail Cutting in gramsabha