Friday, 22 May 2020

Knitting For a Cause

                                              Knitting For a Cause                                                                                                                                                            

This winter we are excited to feature a story of
how project Knitathon UAE with the help
of Supporting a Cause and an NGO MAHAN
 was able to keep infants warm in the remote
 areas of Melghat, in Central India.

This unique act of giving was able to bring
 love and kindle joy in the life of those
 in need. Each blanket that was distributed
has a knitted heart on it to show the children
 that someone somewhere cares about them.
Click below link to watch it.

A Letter to Ramesh Uncle on his birthday



Respected Ramesh uncle

When god knows that he has to serve very huge number of populations, he gave birth to angels on earth. Eighty-two years back, god in India selected you as one of his angels and you arrived on earth (small village in Akola) with special mission to serve Indian poor people. 

Sixteen years before, I used to think that rich people have nothing to do with the society. But your appearance in our life has completely proved it wrong and changed my mindset. We (myself, Kavita and whole caring friends associates) saw a father in form of you. When Nico Nobel, a philanthropic man from the Netherlands introduced you about our work, I was surprised to listen your voice on phone. Before that we used to hear your generosity about helping honourable Baba Amteji’s Anandwan. 
We never imagined, a multimillionaire 70-year young person like you with equally like minded 65 plus years young Aunty will ever come to our hut like hospital in Melghat, just to know our work and to help us. But god proved it to true and send his two angels to MAHAN to help poor tribal people of Melghat. After your inspiring visit to MAHAN, your caring parental love on whole MAHAN family is flowing incessantly for 15 years. This is true love which has no expectations in return. Uncle, you are donating crores of your own hard earn money every year to 40 plus voluntary organisations (VO) across India ( e.g. Snehalya, Parivar, Nilimadidi, Mamoonbhai, etc.) without boundary of caste, religion or state and made them tall.  Today, MAHAN can serve and benefited more than 5,00,000 poor tribal of India, only because of Caring friends and you.  We started our tribal hospital in small hut 22 years back, now has grown to well equipped 30 bedded hospital, 5 bedded ICU and 5 operation theaters because of love and care by you and our Caring Friends. You are always ready to help me, my wife and son whenever needed.
Uncle, you and your family not only donate money but always offer your home and homemade food in Mumbai for voluntary workers like us whenever we have some work in Mumbai. We all caring friends associate voluntary organisations are so lucky to have donor like you who literally does not expect anything after donation of huge money, time, accommodation, food and personnel love. Uncle, even though you being so rich by wealth and mind, you were living in very simple small flat in Mumbai. Imagine a person donating crores of Rs. every year living in small house with a small car, aunty till the age of 70 used to manage all house hold work herself. This is called real greatness. People in corporate and business sector of Mumbai call you “Saint” which is 100% true as you have no attachment to wealth or fame. 
I do remember, once I went to Mumbai to your office, as usual you inquired any financial problem in MAHAN. I shared with you, ongoing financial crisis about paying staff honorarium at 5 pm. We were surprised to see a huge donation from you to MAHAN to solve that crisis before I reach to MAHAN office on the third day. This is only possible because of your intense desire to help the poorest of the poor people of country. It is like a love of a mother to lakhs of poor children of country. 
As mother along with love, some time beat the child to keep on right track, similarly if you find some of your caring friend associate is not able to follow discipline, you like a hard core teacher also with full love immediately try to point out our mistakes and bring us on track. 
It is said that a real leader is that person, who create his second generation  during his life to propel his work. Uncle, you nurtured similarly two next successors like Nimeshbhai Sumati and Prakashbhai Apte, who are equally emotional, dedicated, caring, down to earth, rich philanthropic people. They have volunteered your responsibility of Caring Friends to help millions of poor people of India through more than 50 voluntary organisations.  
It is said that love and compassion is inherited genetically in children.  Uncle, you and aunty have proved it by own example. Ashishbhai Kacholia, son of this noble couple is equally generous to help voluntary organisations and poor people of India by donating own hard-earned money. Vaibhav your younger son is also trying to help MAHAN whenever feasible.
I salute you uncle by heart and wish that god will give you 100 years of active, healthy, peaceful and prosperous caring life to serve mother India.  I am dedicating whole work of MAHAN on your feet on your 82nd birthday as it was not possible for MAHAN to serve the society without parental support of you and Caring Friends.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Ashish and Dr. Kavita Satav
MAHAN trust.

A Letter from father (Dr. Ashish) to his son (Athang), on Athang's Birthday

Dear Athang,

 19 years before your appearance in this world was great gift to us. As you are very active now , you were in utero and while coming out took cord around neck. It was very tough decision for us as your foetal heart rate was going down and our heart beat increased. Suddenly Dr. Leena mavashi took our sign on emergency LSCS. Since birth you were so matured that your aai had to underwent second surgery on 3rd day after your birth and your were sleeping quietly without crying for milk for half day. Probably it was effect of GEETAI I used to sing near to your aai when you were in utero.
When you became one year old we celebrated your birthday in one tribal village by distribution of sweets to poor tribal children. You were so happy to share your sweet with those innocent kids. When you were 4 months young, your aai provided half of her milk to another new-born baby for 15 days as his mother couldn't breast feed him. You happily accepted it.
Kavita used to visit tribal villages when you were barely six months young with you to treat poor people in villages. She used to tie you under some tree in villages and treat patients. You always cooperated her. When you were an infant, at that time electric load-shedding was quite common for 18 hours a day sometime 8 to 10 days a month. During summer when temperature used to be 48 degree centigrade, many nights you tolerated without fan and we both used to put you in cradle and tie wet clothes around you to keep you cool.
Many times you developed severe illness in Melghat. At that time, there was no pediatrician in Melghat and we both used to treat you by reading Nelson book of pediatrics. Though both of us were highly qualified doctors, we couldn't provide pediatrician services for you but you never complained.
Once, we went to Baba Amte's Anandwan for sharing our social work with youths in program organized by Dr. Avikaka Saoji. We were busy in guidance of youths, while playing you suddenly disappeared in crowd of some big mela in Anandwan. When we realized it after our program, we couldn't locate you. Both of us were so shocked as you were just 3 years young. After some time, we got mobile call from you and we could somehow locate you on outskirts of Anandwan. We realized importance of technology and happy to understood importance of your tech-savvy nature.
Once there was scorpion on your bed in between your legs throughout night. He probably sensed patience from you and didn't bite and slept well in night. Once, Aai was shocked to see cobra snake under your feet and without training she caught the poisonous snake and saved you.
When there were fake cases against us, you very matured ly accepted the stress and never complained. You always happily accepted all difficult situations just to fulfill my wish of serving tribes.
One day one of our neighbour removed her generator connection from our home when you were in tenth standard and you couldn't study. That night was really painful for us. But in spite of all such odds you scored 96% in tenth though you studied in tribal village throughout your life.
Once we three were standing on Wardha railway platform. Suddenly you went to talk to a rag picker boy standing near the platform and talked with him for few minutes. We were surprised to see that you had no inhibition to talk to poor neglected child of society.
We can't forget when after declaration of tenth standard result you got 94% and we were so happy. But you became so nervous that you didn't accept sweet as you were expecting 96%. You made us to go for revaluation and surprisingly you were correct. SSC board increased your marks and you scored 96% and stood in Merit list. We are really very proud of you, beta
Suddenly once you declared that you want to become doctor to serve poor tribal of Melghat which was sweet surprise for us. Now you have become so independent and self-confident and got admission in Govt. Medical college. We both and MAHAN trust are happy that the second generation is ready to bear the weight of health of poor tribal for next 50 years.
Wish you many happy returns of the day.


Wednesday, 13 May 2020

MAHAN work recognized at National level

Book Publication by Vice President of IndiaThe Vision of Antyodaya.pdf 

MAHAN work recognized at National level

Recently Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu Ji, Hon’ble Vice President of India unveiled a book The Vision of Antyodaya”, a study on Documentation and Compilation of Antyodaya Based Best Practices as propounded by Pandit Deendayal Upadhayaya, initiated by Indian Social Responsibility Network (ISRN) and supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 at Vice President’s House, New Delhi.

MAHAN work Recognized by President of India

Recognition by President of India

Saturday, 4 January 2020

सर्जिकल महामेळा@मेळघाट

Below article is by Dr Maya Bhalerao from Pune who participated in Plastic surgery camp December 2019 at MAHAN Melghat.

सर्जिकल महामेळा@मेळघाट 

डॉ माया भालेराव, पुणे         
       सकाळी साडे सहा वाजता ट्रेनने बुऱ्हानपूर गाठले. घ्यायला आलेल्या गाडीत सामान टाकले आणि मेळघाटाच्या दिशेने प्रवास सुरु झाला.
         नुकतेच झुंजूमुंजू झाले होते. दूरदूर पर्यंत माणूस, घरे काहीकाही दिसत नव्हते. आजूबाजूचा निसर्ग, ते आल्हाददायक वातावरण, तो जंगलाचा मंद दरवळणारा एक सुगंध, मध्येच आजूबाजूला दिसणारा हिरवागार परिसर मनभावन होता. माणसांच्या गर्दीतून आणि कॉन्क्रीटच्या जंगलातून बाहेर पडून इथे रमणीय निसर्गाच्या कुशीत अलगद शिरतांना खूप मस्त वाटत होते.

 मेळघाटातला आजचा सुर्यादय नवीन उभारी- नवीन उर्जा देत होता. मी भरभरून घेत होते. बघता बघता कधी इच्छित स्थळी - महान चॅरिटेबल ट्रस्ट फॉर ट्रायबल पिपल ला येवून पोहोचले कळलेच नाही.

    मेळघाट म्हणजे महाराष्ट्रातील जंगलांनी आच्छादलेला, डोंगरदऱ्यानी वेढलेला, वेड्यावाकड्या पळणाऱ्या सिपना नदीने घेराव केलेला, डोक्यावर आकाशाचे छत आणि पायाखाली धरतीची जमीन असलेला, पोटभर अन्न आणि अंगभर कपडे यांच्या पासून वंचित असलेला, सर्वात जास्त माता बाल मृत्यू आणि कुपोषित आदिवासी असलेला दुर्गम भाग !

      ताटात आलेल्या पंचपक्वानाचा घास आणि वाट्याला आलेले स्थिर आयुष्य बाजूला सारून मेळघाटाच्या जंगलात स्थायिक होण्याचं धैर्य- त्याग याची तुलना कश्याशीही करू शकत नाही. त्यांच्या या महान कृत्याला लांबूनच फक्त ‘सलाम’ ‘HATS OFF’ म्हणण्यात मला तारतम्य वाटले नाही. काहीतरी योगदान दिलेच पाहिजे म्हणून दरवर्षी मेळघाटाच्या वारीचा मनसुबा केला.

        ही मंडळी आरोग्याच्या सेवेपासून, त्याबद्दल असणाऱ्या जागृतीपासून कोसभर दूर आहेत. स्वच्छता- माहिती- तंत्रज्ञान यांच्या वाट्याला कधी येईल कोण जाणे ?

 शिक्षणाचा अभाव असल्याने प्रचंड अज्ञान आणि अंध:श्रद्धा आहेत. त्यांना काही आजार झालायं, गाठ आहे- ती कॅन्सरची आहे की, साधी आहे, त्यावर इलाज होऊ शकतो, ऑपरेशन करून व्यंग काढू शकतो हे समजण्या इतपत त्यांची क्षमता नाही आणि आर्थिक कुवत तर नाहीच नाही.

 तान्ह्या बाळाला PHIMOSIS साठी लघवीच्या जागी अनेक चटके देऊन बरे होईल हे त्यांचे मानसशास्त्र !

        फ्रेश होऊन नास्ता करून OPD चा रस्ता पकडला. एकाच आवारात आहे हे सगळं. हॉस्पिटल मध्ये कचऱ्याची योग्य पद्धतीने विल्हेवाट लागावी म्हणून लाल,पिवळ्या, निळ्या डस्टबीनने लक्ष वेधून घेतले. डॉआशिष- डॉ कविताची तळमळ प्रत्येक कोपऱ्यात दिसून येत होती. आवारात लावलेले सूचना फलक शिस्तबद्ध कामाची पद्धत दर्शवित होते.

 रुग्णाची कॉम्पुटर लिस्ट तयार होती. ठसठशीत नाव लिहिलेल्या फाईल्स तयार होत्या. रक्ताच्या चाचण्या झाल्या होत्या आणि पेपरवर नमूद केल्या होत्या. संमती पत्र जोडले होते.

    हॉस्पिटलच्या प्रांगणात गाव गोळा झाला होता. कोणाचे काय, तर कोणाचे  काय ? पिशव्या, गाठोडी घेवून ही आदिवासी मंडळी ऑपरेशन साठी ४ दिवस राहण्याच्या हेतूने आली होती. त्यांना जाणे येणे शक्य नसते. आजूबाजूला कुठे चूल पेटवून चहाचे आधण दिसत होते, तर कुठे पोरं-बाळं बागडत होती. बाया-बापड्या, म्हातारे-कोतारे सर्व जण थंडीपासून बचाव म्हणून पागोटे गुंडाळून बसली होती.

 प्लास्टिक सर्जरीच्या या कॅम्प मध्ये जन्मजात व्यंग असलेले, ओठ दुभंगलेले, हातापायाची चिकटलेली बोटे, भाजल्यामुळे आकुंचन पावलेली कातडी –स्नायू, कॅन्सरच्या गाठी असे बरेच रुग्ण होते. माझ्या नजरेतून थायरॉईड, पॅरोटीड, difficult intubation सुटले नाही.

     रिसेप्शनला असणारी सिस्टर माईक वरून प्रत्येकाचे नाव पुकारून आत बोलवीत होती. नंबर आला कि त्या रुग्णाने फाईल घेवून आत यायचे ‘प्री अनेस्थेसिया चेकअप’ साठी. एका दिवसात सकाळी ते रात्री १२ तासात १७७ प्री अनेस्थेसिया चेक अप करून झाले. प्रत्येक पेशंटशी बोलून, कानात स्टेथोस्कोप लावून लावून कान दुखत होते. माझा स्टॅमिना संपला होता.

 पण ऑस्ट्रेलियावरून आलेले डॉ. दिलीप गहाणकरी, जे प्लास्टिक सर्जन आहेत, दरवर्षी आपल्या मायदेशाबद्दल कृतज्ञता खातर येत असतात आणि विनामूल्य उपचार करून येथील अनेकांना सुंदर–सुकर-सुसह्य आयुष्य देऊन जातात, ते आणि डॉ आशिष -डॉ कविता सातव यांचे सर्जरीच्या दृष्टीने पेशंट बघण्याचे काम सुरु होते. नंतर मला सकाळी कळले कि रात्री ३ वाजता OPD संपली आणि मग OT लिस्ट तयार झाली.

    सर्व चाचण्या करणे , ऑपरेशनची लिस्ट तयार करणे, सारं कसं नियोजन बद्ध. आधीच सर्वांचे रक्त तपासणी झाली होती. डॉ प्रशांत गहुकर याने हे सर्व फ्री करून दिले होते. २२० पैकी फक्त काही पेशंट वगळता सर्व अनेस्थेसियाच्या दृष्टीने योग्य होत्ते. आता पुढचे ३ दिवस सर्जरी करायचे होते.
    रात्री ९ ला जेवण झाल्यावर OT कॉम्प्लेक्स मध्ये तयारी काय आहे ते बघू या म्हणून गेले. सीन फारच स्फूर्तीदायक होता. निर्जंतुक केलेले ऑपरेशनचे असंख्य ड्रम, निर्जंतुक कपडे, गाऊन्स, रुग्णांसाठी कपडे, ऑपरेशन्सची अवजारे -हत्यारे, भुलीची औषधे- इंजेक्शन्स, लागणारे SUTURE MATERIALS, स्पिरीट- बिटाडीनच्या बाटल्या, असंख्य सलाईनचे खोके ...बापरे ...काय तो जामानिमा ? ही तयारी बघून मला उद्याच्या कामाचा आढावा घेता आला. त्याची व्याप्ती समजली. या सर्वात #डॉ. #कविता तहान-भूक विसरून परिपूर्ण डुबून गेली होती.
    सकाळी उठल्यावर मी तडक OT गाठले. एकदा का ऑपरेशन्सला सुरुवात  झाली ते साडेचार वाजले तरी कळले नाही. सर्जनचे हात झपाझप चालत होते. पेशंट ऑपरेशन करून बाहेर जात होते. नवीन आत येत होते. नवीन अवजारे इकडे तिकडे धावत होते. वापरलेले बाहेर पडत होते. जणू काही दहा हात प्राप्त झाल्याची उर्जा माझ्यातही आली होती. माझी नजर चौफेर फिरत होती. वेगवेगळ्या पेशंटला लावलेले मॉनिटरचे ठोके वातावरण निर्मिती करत होते. आलबेल असल्याची नादमय किणकिण कानात सामावत होती. हातातली भुलीची इंजेक्शन्स हळुवार रुग्णाच्या शिरेत जात होती. एकावेळी OT मध्ये ४ सर्जन आणि ३-४ भूलतज्ञ, डॉ कविता आणि २२-२५ लोकं काम करीत होती. कुठेही धांदल नाही. जोरात आवाज नाही. सर्जन्सची आणि भूलतज्ञाची चिडचिड नाही. रुग्ण आत येताना एकदम शांत-संयमी वाटत होते. विशेषत: लहान मुलं सुद्धा बिनधास्त होती. अगदी गुणी बाळांसारखी. आलेली परिस्थिती त्यांना हा संयम शिकवत असावी. बराच वेळ उपाशी होती तरी त्यांचाही दंगा नव्हता. 
       “मै ऑपरेशन को आउंगी पर मुझे चॉकलेट चाहिये. मी “हो” म्हणताच ती चिमुकली मुलगी नाचत बागडत हातात स्वत:ची फाइल घेवून OT मध्ये आली. चेहऱ्यावर आनंद -उत्साह ओसंडून वाहत होता. तिचे ते बेधडक, स्वच्छंदी वागणे मला आवडले. लोकल भूल देऊन ‘छोटी गाठ’ काढायची होती. टेबलवर झोपवले ...एक इंजेक्शन दिले. काही रडारड नाही ...मनात विचार आला इतकी सोशिक कशी ही मुलं ?
      दु:ख-वेदना, हार्डशिप इतकी वाटयाला आलेली असते कि त्यांना काय ते एका इंजेक्शनचे?

 मी तिच्याशी गप्पा मारत मारत तिच्या आयुष्यात डोकावून बघण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. तर लक्षात आले करना हो पहचान उदास लोगोन्की .....
            तो गौर से देखो ओ मुस्कुराते बहोत है...!

    एकंदरीत प्रत्येक दिवशी रात्रीचे १२ होत असत ऑपरेशन संपायला. ३ दिवसात 133 ऑपरेशन्स करून उच्चांक गाठला. सर्व स्टाफचे कौतुक केले तितके थोडेच आहे.
    खरं तर हा सर्जिकल महामेळा म्हणजे एक झंझावात!

 मेळघाटातल्या रुग्णासाठी ..त्यांच्या उत्तम आरोग्यासाठी  झपाटलेल्या डॉ. आशिष, डॉ. कविता या आरोग्ययोगींचा !

 एक सोहोळा ... एकत्र काम करण्याचा ...गरजूंना आरोग्य सेवा देण्याचा... खारीचा वाटा  उचलण्याचा... अमुल्य योगदानाला हात लावून त्यांचे हात बळकट करण्याचा...!

   असाच तो दरवर्षी होवो असे म्हटले तर थोडे वावगे होईल ...कारण सुदृढ समाज होवो असे वाटते....मग खुप ऑपरेशन होवो असे कसे म्हणणार? ...पण अशी वेळ आल्यास हम तुम्हारे साथ है किंवा हम साथ- साथ है म्हणायला काय हरकत आहे ?

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Arpan of (Dedicated) 1000+ Plastic surgeries to Ramesh uncle Kacholia

Report of Melghat Plastic Surgery Camp 2018

Melghat is a hilly forest tribal area situated in north east part of Maharashtra, with a population of 3 lakhs. Most of the tribal are living in huts. During winter season, the environment becomes too cold i.e. temperature reaching up to 2-3 degree centigrade. Many of us have been granted a beautiful body.  Some of the poor tribal are not that much fortunate to get or to maintain the same. Many of tribal of Melghat are habitual of sleeping nearby to Chulhas/ fire during winter. So burn injury is very common in this area. Most of the tribal are living below poverty line hence the burn patients who developed extensive post burn contractures cannot afford to go to the cities for reconstructive plastic surgery. This not only hurts their body, working abilities but also affects their soul & mind negatively.

To reduce this misery, every year since 2007, MAHAN in association with world renowned plastic surgeon- Dr. Dilip Gahankari (M.B.B.S., M.S., M. Ch., F.R.C.S., F.R.A.C.S., Australia), conducts a free plastic surgery & Cancer surgery camp
Till now more than 1020 cases were operated and surgeries worth crores of Rs. were done free of cost. It has changed lives of hundreds of poor tribal.

Plastic surgery camp -2018 was the 12th attempt. this year (December, 21st to 25th), camp total 123 surgeries -for post burn contractures (including PBC of neck and knee), cancer of oral cavity, breast tumors, Parotid tumor, Cleft lip and palate, etc. were performed in 4 days.

Four screening camps for the same were arranged in October to December, 2017 covering more than 170 people from the remote places of Melghat region and Madhya Pradesh

'Overall it was an excellent camp'- as expressed by all doctors who attended the camp and the patients who underwent surgery were satisfied.  Most of the patients who were operated upon were poor tribals who cannot afford to go to higher centers for plastic surgery. Many of them were suffering from extensive burn contractures and living disabled lives for years together due to poverty. There was no complication.

There was an active participation of  Dr. Dilip Gahankari (M.S., M.Ch, FRCS, FRACS-Plastic surgery-Australia), Dr. Ravi Mahajani (Plastic and Hand surgeon-Australia), Dr. Gopal Gurjar (M.S., M.Ch. Onco-surgery), Dr. Amol Patel  (M.S., M.Ch. Plastic surgery), Dr. Amol Dhopte (Plastic surgeon), Dr. Helge (Anesthetist Australia)  Dr. Maya Bhalerao (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Samrat Taori (Orthopedic surgeon) , Dr. Anjali Kolhe (M.D. Anesthesia),  Dr. Nitin Borakhade (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Sharayu Mankar (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Sachin Pawaskar (Anesthetist),  Dr. Prashant Gahukar (M.D. Pathology), Dr. Ramavatar Soni (Pathologist), Dr. Sanjay Deotale (Pathologist ) , Jodie Robertson-Smith (Australia), sister Beth and Sister Johanna, (Australia)  Avinash Satao, Dr. Kavita Satav, Dr. Ashish Satav, Dr. Shinde, Dr. Vipin, Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Ajay, Manik and Sameer Palaskar, Manohar Pande, Madhuri Bavane, doctors from GMC Napgur(Gaurav  and team),  Brother nurses from Acharya Vinoba Bhave Gramin Rugnalaya, Wardha, Nilesh Pranjale and the staff of MAHAN in the camp.

Amanda Coyle (Australia),   Honorable Ramesh uncle Kacholiyaji, Prakash Apte (Caring Friends),  Anu Aga (MPLAD), Bajaj Auto CSR , Rotary club Nagpur, Arpan foundation USA, Paul Hamlyn Foundation UK, Tribal Development Department,  Fine Organics CSR, strongly supported the camp.
Dr. Shailesh Nisal helped a lot for the success of camp by constant suggestions and arranging efficient surgeons. The camp was not possible without active support of Nimeshbhai, Dr. Avinash Saoji, Abhuday Meghe, Mrs. Kamal Satav,  Vilas Renge, Shilpa Satao etc.

The staff of MAHAN trust and Mahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospital worked very hard to make the event successful.