Friday 22 May 2020

A Letter to Ramesh Uncle on his birthday



Respected Ramesh uncle

When god knows that he has to serve very huge number of populations, he gave birth to angels on earth. Eighty-two years back, god in India selected you as one of his angels and you arrived on earth (small village in Akola) with special mission to serve Indian poor people. 

Sixteen years before, I used to think that rich people have nothing to do with the society. But your appearance in our life has completely proved it wrong and changed my mindset. We (myself, Kavita and whole caring friends associates) saw a father in form of you. When Nico Nobel, a philanthropic man from the Netherlands introduced you about our work, I was surprised to listen your voice on phone. Before that we used to hear your generosity about helping honourable Baba Amteji’s Anandwan. 
We never imagined, a multimillionaire 70-year young person like you with equally like minded 65 plus years young Aunty will ever come to our hut like hospital in Melghat, just to know our work and to help us. But god proved it to true and send his two angels to MAHAN to help poor tribal people of Melghat. After your inspiring visit to MAHAN, your caring parental love on whole MAHAN family is flowing incessantly for 15 years. This is true love which has no expectations in return. Uncle, you are donating crores of your own hard earn money every year to 40 plus voluntary organisations (VO) across India ( e.g. Snehalya, Parivar, Nilimadidi, Mamoonbhai, etc.) without boundary of caste, religion or state and made them tall.  Today, MAHAN can serve and benefited more than 5,00,000 poor tribal of India, only because of Caring friends and you.  We started our tribal hospital in small hut 22 years back, now has grown to well equipped 30 bedded hospital, 5 bedded ICU and 5 operation theaters because of love and care by you and our Caring Friends. You are always ready to help me, my wife and son whenever needed.
Uncle, you and your family not only donate money but always offer your home and homemade food in Mumbai for voluntary workers like us whenever we have some work in Mumbai. We all caring friends associate voluntary organisations are so lucky to have donor like you who literally does not expect anything after donation of huge money, time, accommodation, food and personnel love. Uncle, even though you being so rich by wealth and mind, you were living in very simple small flat in Mumbai. Imagine a person donating crores of Rs. every year living in small house with a small car, aunty till the age of 70 used to manage all house hold work herself. This is called real greatness. People in corporate and business sector of Mumbai call you “Saint” which is 100% true as you have no attachment to wealth or fame. 
I do remember, once I went to Mumbai to your office, as usual you inquired any financial problem in MAHAN. I shared with you, ongoing financial crisis about paying staff honorarium at 5 pm. We were surprised to see a huge donation from you to MAHAN to solve that crisis before I reach to MAHAN office on the third day. This is only possible because of your intense desire to help the poorest of the poor people of country. It is like a love of a mother to lakhs of poor children of country. 
As mother along with love, some time beat the child to keep on right track, similarly if you find some of your caring friend associate is not able to follow discipline, you like a hard core teacher also with full love immediately try to point out our mistakes and bring us on track. 
It is said that a real leader is that person, who create his second generation  during his life to propel his work. Uncle, you nurtured similarly two next successors like Nimeshbhai Sumati and Prakashbhai Apte, who are equally emotional, dedicated, caring, down to earth, rich philanthropic people. They have volunteered your responsibility of Caring Friends to help millions of poor people of India through more than 50 voluntary organisations.  
It is said that love and compassion is inherited genetically in children.  Uncle, you and aunty have proved it by own example. Ashishbhai Kacholia, son of this noble couple is equally generous to help voluntary organisations and poor people of India by donating own hard-earned money. Vaibhav your younger son is also trying to help MAHAN whenever feasible.
I salute you uncle by heart and wish that god will give you 100 years of active, healthy, peaceful and prosperous caring life to serve mother India.  I am dedicating whole work of MAHAN on your feet on your 82nd birthday as it was not possible for MAHAN to serve the society without parental support of you and Caring Friends.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Ashish and Dr. Kavita Satav
MAHAN trust.

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