Sunday 11 September 2016

“Nasha Mukta Tyohar Abhiyan” (Alcohol Free Festival Campaign)

“Nasha Mukta Tyohar Abhiyan” (Alcohol Free Festival Campaign)
Shramdan @ Berdaballa
                ‘Holi’ is the most popular and the biggest festival of Tribal. On this occasion, tribal celebrate the festival for 5 days & drink alcohol in large quantity. We are practicing the ‘alcohol free festival campaign’ since past 7-8 years in villages. Due to our efforts, women & village committee members and key persons of villages (Ghota, Kot, Chitri) could successfully reduce social drinking to a significant extent. In two villages, alcohol production was stopped. We are diverting this energy & time in constructive work.
Benefits of alcohol free campaign:
1)      People saved their money.
2)      No fights due to alcohol in households of those villages.
3)      No crime was reported in Police Station during this period.
People participation increased in various activities

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