Sunday 11 September 2016

Story of Mother 'X':

Story of Mother 'X': 
Happy & safe Mother 'X' with her new borne baby 
Mrs. ‘X’ (original name undisclosed), 22 years tribal pregnant woman from village Chitri, was a patient of severe hypertension (Initial BP - 180/110 mm of Hg). The treatment of hypertension was started by MAHAN VHW (Village Health Worker) and her BP was controlled during her 8th month of pregnancy. Our supervisor and VHW were continuously monitoring her blood pressure in village. She was the case of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and was at high risk because she can get convulsions at the time of delivery. Mother and child both were at risk of death. Institutional delivery was the major indication for this but her relatives especially her father in law was not ready to admit her in hospital. She has a history of still birth in the year 2014 because of PIH.

Our HBCC (Home Based Child Care) supervisor and VHW did intensive counselling of relatives for a day and admitted her to our base hospital. Her BP on the day of admission in hospital was 157/98 mm of Hg. Gynecologist started medication to control the blood pressure and she delivered a baby on the same night normally. We succeeded to save her and her baby’s life. It has been proved that continuous monitoring of the blood pressure of the pregnant women can save maternal and child lives and reduce deaths.
This is part of our program - 'Mortality Control Program for Economically Productive Age Group'.

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