Saturday 31 August 2013

And 'Counselor' Born!!!!!!

This is a story of how Innovative 'Counselor program' started in Melghat about which you might have read in one of our blogs on this website.  Malnutrition is serious issue in Melghat. Govt. has  declared many schems to solve this issue. As a part of this, collector of Amravati distirct (Melghat is part of Amravati), in 2006,  requested voluntary organizations to facilitate & admit severely malnourished babies in govt. hospital. MAHAN trust admitted 4 severely malnourished babies in 'Tarubanda',(a village place) Sub District Hospital (SDH) Dharni.  On 4th day those mothers left the hospitals with children and told us that they were not cared by doctors and nurses.  So MAHAN investigated the case and found many lacunaes in the govt. hospitals especially communication gap and lack of facilities at govt. hospitals. MAHAN and KHOJ, one more NGO working in Melghat, approached Dr. Mishra (Then, National Human Rights Commission), Divisional Commissioner Dr Goyal and District Collector Dr. Bhapkar.  On our request local tribal youths trained by us, were appointed as counselors in all government hospitals of Melghat  under government and voluntary agencies   paretnership, under our leadership. This helped a lot to in the 'Communication development between doctors and  local community' & 'worked as watchdog on govt. medical systems in those hospitals. It resulted into increased hospitalization & we could save thousands of precisous lives. Probably this is the first innovative program of monitoring of government hospitals by voluntary organisations in India.  You may read more about this on our webpage at "Counselor Program Project".

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