Sunday 25 August 2013

Fight against Nature:

An eye camp was organised in our hospital. Dr. Kavita and her team of dedicated field workers went to Madhya Pradesh for screening cataract patients. It was evening of a rainy season (Melghat receives very heavy rain-1500mm). While they were crossing the river Tapi, their Jeep was trapped first in the mud in river & then on the slope of hill near the river bank. The river was broad.  The scene was frightening as there was no village nearby. They could not move the vehicle. Then the team with the help of some travellers  tried to put some hard material like stones, dried broken branches of trees below the tyre of jeep. After the struggle for one hour, they could remove the vehicle from the jeep.  We realised how difficult life is for the poor tribal especially serious patients during such rainy season. During camp subsequently more than 36 poor tribal patients were operated from this area.

MAHAN team is working at the cost of own life and saving lives of poor tribals

Photo of Similar natural obstruction MAHAN team faces

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