Saturday 31 August 2013

VHW-Amazing stories

To overcome the issue of patients & doctors reaching each other, Village health worker or bare Foot Doctors are developed. MAHAN has given special training to them & keeps their knowledge updated. These tribal female are semi literate or illiterate. You must have read about this in one of our blogs on same website. This model helped to reduce the under 5 children mortality rate by 55%. In addition to other amazing stories mentioned earlier, here are 2 more.
1.       These VHW also give injections also. Till date these VHW has given 2500 injection without  any episode of  injection abscess .
2.       To overcome issue of VHW faces in reading the name of medicine in English, MAHAN has written those in Hindi language. But what about VHW who are illiterate? MAHAN has given them training by which they know which medicine to be given based upon symptoms & these VHW know it by heart. They then ask one of family members or neighbor to find out that particular medicine from Medical kit. Family members or neighbor then read Hindi name of medicine & give it to VHW. This way successful treatment happens.

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