Saturday 31 August 2013

Jan Jagriti Abhiyan & Gramsabha

Since last 15 years MAHAN is providing preventive & curative medical services to tribal of Melghat. As around 320 villages are scattered all over Melghat & transportation infrastructure is very poor, it was difficult to reach to population of around 3 lakh. In order to overcome this issues to extend possible, MAHAN has implemented various innovative, unique, low cost models like- Home Based Child Care, Counselor Program, Nutrition (kitchen) garden -Krishidoot, Yuvadoot etc. Still there are lots of things to be done to improve the health facet, livelihood, people involvement & quality of life of people. Keeping this in mind, MAHAN started arranging ‘Jan-Jagrity Abhiyan’-people awareness movement-(as preventive part of medical services) & ‘Gramsabha’-(for non medical social cause) since last 7-8 years.

It includes various activities like-Nutrition Demonstration, Discussions, March, Street plays, Cultural program, Lectures, Basic health education, cleanliness drive (Gram safai) etc. On other side through Gramsabha- people are made aware of their rights, govt. schemes available for them, sharing of success stories of other villages of Melghat, help them to solve their problem which are pending due to systems issues.

It gave good results like- Mobilized government to conduct 'Mutation of land' on massive scale, govt. started State Transport (S.T. Bus) facilities in some parts, Facilitated Employment guarantee schemes, Water supply was arranged, roads are repaired, people are united, Hygiene is improved, addiction is reduced, in addition to improvement on health front.

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