Saturday, 31 August 2013

Life Partner-Shock Absorber

Due to our work, ill elements of society & system whose vested interests got hurt, try to unsettle us form Melghat. Once in January 2012,  I was informed by our lawyer that I will be arrested in couple of days for false conspiracy of murder.  I was shocked to listen it. I could not believe that  system  is so blind.   I was confused whether to inform my wife Kavita or not as she will be shocked by listening this. In next week, on 14th & 15th Jan, we had organised an eye surgery camp where 30 blind and other patients with eye problems were to be operated. All were very poor tribal patients from remote and interior villages of Melghat and surrounding Madhya Pradesh. I thought if  I won’t inform to Kavita & if I get arrested then who will look after medical management of camps & some operated patients who were having some other medical problems also.  So I informed it to Kavita  and asked her either to postpone the camp or shift the patients to Nagpur/ Sevagram  for surgeries . But she was firm. She said -"Ashish, all are poor and cannot afford to go outside for surgeries. Many are blind since many years due to lack of resources. So I will conduct the surgery camp. I will manage the patients even if you are arrested". Her strong will to serve poor patients dominated the fear and she successfully conducted the eye surgery camp giving vision to many poor tribes.Ultimately it was proved that all those allegations against me were wrong and I was not arrested.
I was so satisfied to have such an dedicated and fearless wife. This episode proved that she is the real life partner ready to bear all shocks of my life  with full devotion without any complaints.

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