Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mastek Causethon

Mastek who is regularly supporting tribal of Melghat & MAHAN, had recently organized a Walkathon, on 23rd Mar 2013 in Mumbai. It was organized to raise the awareness among its employees, their families, customers, vendors, associates etc., about Melghat tribal & service MAHAN is providing.  

It is really unbelievable & pleasant that a corporate organization organized walkathon (which they wonderfully renamed as ‘causethon’) for a single NGO. I, on the behalf of MAHAN, am really thankful to them all for trust they have shown on us & in our work. 
We can say proudly that MAHAN & tribal of Melghat have one more an extended caring family in Mumbai. We are more than happy & motivated to see this long term relationship touching new height every time.
Our special thanks to Mr. Sudhakar Ram sir for his patronage, Mr. Sanjay Mudnaney for taking efforts to organize this event, efforts to understand our needs time to time & supporting MAHAN on various fronts, Preethi and  team associated in organizing this event and participating employees & families, customers, vendors, associates whom we consider as a part of Mastek family. 
We are thankful to Caring Friends (Ramesh uncle, Nimeshbhai & team) due to whom we could get connected to Mastek.
Every step (of run) is step toward solving problem (of Melghat Tribal)
You may visit Mastek website to get more idea- (page-11) & other pages on Mastek website

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