Sunday 29 April 2012

Social Committment won over personal life

A}  It was September 6th, of 2011, I got phone call from Kavita’s sister in law that Kavita’s father is very serious and gasping.  She asked me to inform Kavita. At that time Kavita was examining 20 school children selected from school screening. I did not inform her till she finishes the work.  Later on she requested me to accompany her to Akola to save life of her father. At that time , there was one young patient of heart attack (angiography revealed 99% block in coronary arteries done after discharge) in our hospital who was serious. We discussed and decided that this young man’s life is more precious and if I leave for Akola the young patient may  die. So Kavita alone went to Akola.  At night around 11 pm , I got the message that Kavita’s father died.  I informed to Athang who was with me. He started crying like anything.
At that time two more patients suffering from ischemic heart disease were admitted in our hospital. At the same time one more patient of heart attack who was operated few months back (bypass surgery) came to hospital at 11 pm. She was the person who provided me food for few days during our initial period of Melghat hospital. 

Athang was very nervous, I was confused whether to go to hospital or counsel Athang who was alone. Any how I requested crying Athang to be with our servant Sanjay and went to hospital to treat that patient.  I could save all three of the patients. Next day when the patients settled down and discharged then myself and Athang went for the funeral.

B}   Few months back my mother was admitted in intensive care unit of Sevagram Medical college for angina. As there were patients of heart diseases admitted in Melghat hospital, I could not go to visit my mother.

Once when I was a lecturer, I got message from Hon. Dhirubhaiji (President, K.H.S.) asking me to rush to Sevagram for appearingfor the interview for the post of university Associate professor. At that time one 30 year young poor tribal lady was admitted in our hospital in comatose condition.  She had 3-4 children. I preferred not to attend the interview and tried to save her life at cost of own professional life.

C} Once Athang had severe attack of Bronchial Asthma and I had to attend important policy level meeting in Mumbai. Kavita & I, we divided the responsibility. Kavita took care of Athang (in absence of any paediatrician in Melghat) and I attended the meetingwhere I could significantly contribute in improving the policy which resulted in saving lakhs of poor children.

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