Sunday 29 April 2012

Lead by Example-Beyond medical profession

A Road traffic accident:
            Once a truck carrying more than 50 passenger fallen down in river near Bihali village. More than 10 people died on spot and more than 12 were serious. No one was ready to help the serious patients. When Dr. Satav  noticed it, while passing by, he immediately stopped,  got down into the river and removed all 12 serious patients & sent them to hospitals. We could save 11 lives. Later on our team saved many lives in similar accident cases.

Friend of Snakes:-

‘Karmgram’  is surrounded by forest & farms.  There are lot of snakes including poisonous snakes like Cobra, Krait and Vipers, etc.
There are many interactions with these snakes. Few of them are worth mentioning.
·         Once Kavita was arranging cloths. She suddenly found a snake lying on the cloths.
·         I was about to go to bed. To my surprice black cobra was near the head end of my bed as if it was welcoming me.
These interactions offered us opportunity to learn snake catching. Subsequently we became Sarpamitra (friend of snakes). Being a Sarpamitra, we don’t kill snakes but catch and release them in surrounding forest.
One day morning we found a black scorpion lying quietly on bed of our son Athang.

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