Sunday, 29 April 2012

Personal Memorable Life Experiences:

A} Coming out of personnel comfort zone-
       Since birth,our son, ‘Athang’,who was brought up in Melghat only,has asthma problem & use to get  severe attacks.There used to be many health problmes of Athang specially during night time, like high grade fever, Bronchial Asthma, pneumonia, rupture of ear membrane&severe ear pain etc.,As there is no pediatricians in melghat, nearest  district hospital is 150 Km away, road is through dense jungle & ghats, no ambulance, every time we had to treat him at our hospital  only. Though we could manage it successfully, we thought, we both are highly qualified doctor, still cannot provide expert pediatric facilities to our son. But then we realized that we have to come out of our own personnel comfort zone to serve the society.    

 B} Supporters helped to extend work-
      For first couple of years, I used to go to interior villages through forest either by two wheeler or by bullock cart or walking for treatment of patients and health education. Melghat is famous for wild life like tiger, leopard, wild bear, etc. So Kavita was afraid of my life. My elder brother Avinash offered his tempo trax jeep (which we  used for next 7 years) , due to which we could extend our medical relief work to most interior part of Melghat. Now due to ambulances received from Mumbai group of friends, MASTEK & govt., we are able to extend our activities to a great extent in the interior of Melghat.        


C}  Determination of Kavita-           
       In 2007-08, Kavita developed heart problem-neurocardiac syncope leading to ventricualar bigeminny, but she never thought of running away from her work or Melghat. On the contrary she has expanded her work to more than 150 villages spread across Melghat reaching more than 17000 people & operated more than 700 cases.

  D} Life Time memory
      In 2004, MAHAN developed new hospital & residential campus. Most of the house work was executed with the help of local material & people. In rainy season while shifting the luggage, suddenly I got a severe shock. My mother who came to rescue me also got shock. Both of us were glued to electric wire.One of our staff, ‘Vitthal Pande’heard our shouting & saved us. We were unconscious for some time, but saved.


E} Baba, will you get time for me?-
            In Melghat, I have to shoulder many responsibilities in addition to a physician and the day become so busy that I couldnot spare time for Kavita and athang. For initial years, Kavita and Athang used to get irritated but now they have become habitual of the situation.  Still Athang asks me baba, will you get time for me? For what you work so hard?


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