Sunday 29 April 2012

Great Work by Village Health Workers (VHW)

A}        Once a baby was suffering from birth ashphyxia. Sukrai Jambekar, 7th std. pass,  MAHAN’s tribal village health worker performedartificial respiration for 60min & saved baby. Sukrai showed her will power and dedication to save the newborn.
Sukrai was awarded ‘Jamshetji Tata National Virtual  Academy fellowship’ for Rural Prosperity

B}        Once a baby suffering from birth ashphyxia was admited to govt primary health center.  However hospital staff expressed their inability to save the baby. ‘Kantabai Wankhede’, totally uneducated village health worker of MAHAN saved a baby by artificial respiration.

C}        Doctors from subdistrict hospitalreferred a baby patient of neonatal sepsis to Amaravati. Relatives refused and took patient home. Later on , our Village health Worker,‘Sumantara Dhande’, 6th std. VHWsaved that baby by Injection Gentamicin, Cotra and proper newborn care.

D}        Sheela (Keli) and Urmila (Berdaballa) saved babies of other females,by breast feeding them.

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