Sunday 29 April 2012

Persistsance-A road to success

            In the beginning, people were suspicious whether a M.D. doctor can stay in Melghat or he will run away within months. Will tribal patient accept me (because tribal patients don’t go to doctors was a prevalent concept at that time) was itself a great challenge. In the beginning, very few tribal patients used to come to me for treatment. Many of them used to go to other unqualified doctors as I avoid unnecessary injections. But I continued my medical care without becoming depressed. People used to suspect whether a doctor living in hut, using bicycle and running hospital in hut is a really educated doctor or not. But when I treated and saved many serious cases of brain hemorrhage, heart attack, cerebral malaria and meningitis, people got confidence in me and I got recognition. Now those tribal who come to me usually become my permanent patient and I become their family doctor. Same is the story of Dr. Kavita. Initially patients were very reluctant for cataract surgery. But with great efforts, Dr. Kavita could operate upon more than 700 patients free of cost. We could influence many govt. policies.

         There are lot of obstacles, not only natural & geographical but man made also, while working in Melghat. Many elements whose vested intereste got affected continuously try to put hurdle in our ways. But now I think, these obstacles are not hurdles in the road but a challenge to test and prove ourselves. The life is like a river. The river is more beautiful when it flows through mountains, valleys, falls, etc.Many times our well wishers like various NGO, individuals, media, various professional, some govt emplyees etc. offered timely supports to strengthen our cases. We thanks all of them.

We never felt frustrated so as to leave Melghat. This is the greatest achievement of our life.

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