Sunday 11 March 2012

MAHAN Founder Dr Ashish Satav's Inspiration

My self Dr. Ashish Satav (M.B.B.S., M.D.) & my wife Dr. Kavita Satav (M.B.B.S., M.S.-Eye surgeon) are providing curative and preventive medical facilities to poor tribal people of Melghat. Our life has been enlightened by 11 years son, Athang.



Source of Inspiration & Guidance for the work:


I was influenced by my grandfather Mr. Vasantrao Bombatkar (Sarvodaya leader) since my childhood. Under his guidance, I read literature written by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and great saint Vinoba Bhave. These are my real driving forces (Preranasthan-Source of inspiration) for all my endeavors. I was touched by Gandhian teaching - “youths should go to the villages to serve as real India is in villages” and after 7th standard, I decided to become doctor and serve the rural part of India. Attending “Shram Sanskar Shibir” organized by great social worker Baba Amte during my 9th standard was a real experience for future social lifeAfter admission to Government medical college Nagpur, I started visiting various rural and tribal health projects run by Drs. Prakash and Manda Amte, Drs. Abhay & Rani Bang, (main guide), Dr. Ravindra Kolhe, Dr. Sudarshan, etc. After visiting tribal areas, I realized that tribal areas need medical facilities to a great extent as compared to rural area. So during my M.D, I decided to start work in very difficult area of Melghat where medical facilities were very scarce. The guidance by Dr. Ulhas Jaju, Dr. Avinash Saoji, Dr. Kalantri, Dr.Jalgaonkar and Dr. Mrs. Holey,Miss.Joshi (Mrs. Deshpande) & Mr. Bhagvat was always helpful to me during this process.

Preparation for future Life-

During M.B.B.S, after deciding to start hospital in tribal or rural area, I started molding myself to suit in that kind of atmosphere. I started simple living, living without cooler during summer season even when temperature used go up to 45-46 Deg Cen., taking bath with cold water during winter. Such types of experiments were going on to test myself.
Due to regular yoga and meditation, study of Geetai written by Vinoba Bhave(especially Sthithpradhnyachi Laxane-symptoms of stable mind), “Experience with truth” written by Mahatma Gandhi, books written by Swami Vivekanand , my mental strength increased to a significant extent. I learnt to control the innate desire of human being like sex, greed, anger, lust, egoistic attitude, envy etc. It increased my mental piece and physical and mental capacity for my social work. Due to regular visits and discussion with idealistic social minded people, I could develop those values & qualities necessary for future life.

Reading the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” helped me for social work. Due to use of “Ahimsa (Non-violence), Satya (Truth), Asteya (Non- stealing), Bramhacharya (control of sex with other female and other desire), Sharirshram (hard work), Aswad (no attachment to taste), Sarvatra Bhayavarjan (courage), Sarvadharma Samanatva (equal behavior with all religions), Swadeshi (use of material made in own country), Sparshabhavana (avoid untouchable behavior)” in personnel life, the life in Melghat become palatable and tolerable. During MBBS, I attended ‘Movad’ river flood relief camp in Bhandara district and distributed lot of cloths to those who lost everything in the flood that was one of the 1sthand on experience of social work.

Pillars of project:
We are very thankful to the continued guidance and support from our Pillars of Support
  • Caring friends, Mumbai especially Rameshbhai Kacholia and Nimeshbhai Sumati and Arpan, USA. Click Here to read more.
  • Kasturba Health Society, & MGIMS Sevagram- Late Dr. Sushila Nayar, Mr. Dhirubhai Mehta & Mr. Shripad Halbe.
  • Stichting Geron, the Netherlands (Nico Nobel, Annekoos, Bastiaan, etc.) & Cordaid , The Netherlands..
  • Mastek Foundation
  • Dr. Abhijit Bharadwaj, Dr. Gahukar.
  • Mrs. & Mr. Jayashri Pendharkar.
  • Vijay Kaore, Dr. Avinash Saoji.
  • Palaskar family.
  • Varangaonkar & Kashikar families
  • Satav, Renge & Manekar families.
  • Dr. Dilip Gahankari, Dr. Mridula Bapat. Dr. Vibhavari  Dani, Dr. Nisal, etc.
  • Guidestar India
In the whole journey my mother(Kamal Satav) and father (Rambhau Satav), brothers (Avinash & Ajay) and wife stood very firmly behind me and supported when needed.


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