Wednesday 28 March 2012


It would have been impossible without the kind support of our well-wishers. ‘Caring Friends’ is one of those. For sustenance of social work, it needs support on various aspects like Financial, Guidance, Motivation, Networking & Parental care. ‘Caring Friends’ is providing all of them.
Ramesh uncle Kacholiyaji and Nimeshbhai are instrumental behind this & like parent as well.The entire team of CARING FRIENDS is our strongest supporter

Financial Support
It is very difficult to carry on & progress the social work without financial support (for project expenses & corpus). CARING FRIENDS is the main donor agency of MAHAN. More than 50% financial requirements of MAHAN have been fulfilled by the donations through CARING FRIENDS.MAHAN has more than 115 staff members. More than 35 staff members have been provided residential facilities in campus itself, supported by CARING FRIENDS

In addition to finance, timely guidance is one more requirement for continuous progress &sustainanceof work. Honorable Kacholiyaji Uncle and Honorable Nimeshbhai are one of the main guides for MAHAN. Many times we discuss the issues, improvements with them & jointly come up with solution.

Systematic Approach
Community work of MAHAN is spreading potentially in recent years. A proper system to handle these wide spread work is the very importantotherwise it may go haywire.The visits and follow up work by caring friend teamensures that systems are in place for proper & smooth workflow.

Today MAHAN has a huge network of supporters and well-wishers. Thanks to the team of CARING FRIENDS, which always try to introduce like-minded people to MAHAN.Many times when we faced problem or needed a help for improvement, this networking (ex. legal, media, administrative, professionals etc) helped a lot.

Parental Care
Although cash and kind are the two types of donation, CARING FRIENDS surpasses all of these by bestowing lots of love, affection, faith and parental care on the team of MAHAN. Entire team of CARING FRIENDS is like a family member of MAHAN.

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