Sunday 11 March 2012

MAHAN Success Story in Dr Satav's words.

1) During last 5 years, the village health workers treated more than 75000 patients. The concept of bare foot doctors is now gaining good result. Our project received Young Scientist Award and first best oral presentation in National Symposium on Tribal Health by Indian Counsil of Medical Research . Our research work has been accepted in many international conferences. Now Maharashtra government has decided to replicate our home based child care program in whole Melghat.
2)  Due to our advocacy over malnutrition and children mortality, Rajmata Jijau Mother and children Health & Nutrition mission(RJMCHNM) of government of Maharashtra along with UNICEF verified our survey reports, accepted the findings and started measures to control the situation. After our confirmation, RJMCHNM conducted similar survey in other tribal areas of Maharashtra and found very high prevalance of severe malnutrition. So our study exposed the situation of severe malnutrition in all tribal areas of Maharashtra. Our NGO has been included in Bhavishya Alliance (international trisectorial partnership) for deciding policies for malnutrition reduction in Maharashtra. This is our great success.
3)  In 2004, during winter season, we supplied nutritious food to 300 severely malnourished children from 38 villages of Melghat for 100 days and saved many lives. Most of the severely malnourished babies are getting food from AWW due to our monitoring. We analysed around 20 locally available food and found that many are nutrtionaly good. We prepared many dishes during the nutrition demonstration and trained many tribals from 17 villages for home based feeding & hygeiene . In our HBCC we could reduce malnutrition and child mortality significantly.  Due to our this experience , we mobilised local govt. health department to start village based feeding centers in 39 villages of Melghat. They got good result and then from this lesson, (RJMCHNM) conducted similar experiment in other part of Maharasthra. Now it is state level policy of VCDC. The root lies in our experiment of 38 villages.
4)  During camps we exposed problem of Malaria. D.M.O. pressurised us not to expose. We did not bow . Collector accepted the fact and ordered the government machinery to start malaria control program on massive scale.
5)  Socioeconomic development especially public Satbara reading. Initially in Melghat most of the tribals were working on the fields given by government to their ancestors. But the were not legal heir of the lands and hence were not getting benefits of government schemes. We with the help of villagers could pressurise government to start mutation and open satbara reading on mass scale. Due to which many tribals are benefitted to great extent.
6)  Story of community awakening : Village Kokmar- 1. Motivation of people for accepting facts of malnutrition : Due to exposure of reality of malnutrition in Melghat, the grass root govt. workers along with some notorious people presurrised Kokmar village health worker (VHW) to stop work. It was a great blow to me , as it was my dream to reduce deaths in very interior village like Kokmar. Then myself with my friends esp. Alhad Kashikar and our staff went to the village in rainy season thorough very dense forest on bikes. The villagers were reluctant to
speak as they were told that we are defaming their village by publishing name  of the severely malnourished babies. After 30 minutes, we saw a thin boy walking with a roti in hand. He was severely malnourished 3 months back and bed ridden & was not getting proper nutrition from anganwadi. Due to exposure of his name in news paper by us, he was getting benefit of special diet and health care from govt. So now he is able to walk. We explained it to the villagers. They were convinced with the example and started supporting like anything to us since then. We have now full support in the village. The VHW restarted her work.

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