Wednesday 21 September 2011

'I was blind, but now I see'

Many adivasis like Jiyalal now have access to good quality eye care literally at their door step.

Jiyalal is 60 years old... or even older and lives in Melghat. Here is what he says in his words-I was brought to the Mahatma Gandhi tribal hospital, by their ambulance.

“I had blindness in my both eyes. I stayed in MAHAN hospital for 7 days after successful surgery. During that time my care was well taken by Dr. Kavita & Staff. We were all given very good food as well.The staff here does not bother about our dirty clothes, they follow up after our surgery to make sure we are better and they always give us medicines we require”

Jiyalal is not worried about any future ailments now. He knows he has a hospital he can count on “Here there is no question of mishaps during surgeries unlike many stories I have heard from other hospitals in the nearest town. We are fully confident about MAHAN and if we have any health problem we shall go to them alone.

Before cataract surgery, Jiyalal decided to commit suicide due to blindness and starvation due to unemployment. But due to cataract surgery by MAHAN, he started earning for his family and living healthy life.
Jiyalal is so well taken in to the medical services by MAHAN that he had told all his neighbours in his village about it. “My neighbor could not see through her left eye so I took her to one of the eye care camps of MAHAN and she underwent surgery and can see through the eye very well now.


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