Saturday 19 January 2019

Arpan of (Dedicated) 1000+ Plastic surgeries to Ramesh uncle Kacholia

Report of Melghat Plastic Surgery Camp 2018

Melghat is a hilly forest tribal area situated in north east part of Maharashtra, with a population of 3 lakhs. Most of the tribal are living in huts. During winter season, the environment becomes too cold i.e. temperature reaching up to 2-3 degree centigrade. Many of us have been granted a beautiful body.  Some of the poor tribal are not that much fortunate to get or to maintain the same. Many of tribal of Melghat are habitual of sleeping nearby to Chulhas/ fire during winter. So burn injury is very common in this area. Most of the tribal are living below poverty line hence the burn patients who developed extensive post burn contractures cannot afford to go to the cities for reconstructive plastic surgery. This not only hurts their body, working abilities but also affects their soul & mind negatively.

To reduce this misery, every year since 2007, MAHAN in association with world renowned plastic surgeon- Dr. Dilip Gahankari (M.B.B.S., M.S., M. Ch., F.R.C.S., F.R.A.C.S., Australia), conducts a free plastic surgery & Cancer surgery camp
Till now more than 1020 cases were operated and surgeries worth crores of Rs. were done free of cost. It has changed lives of hundreds of poor tribal.

Plastic surgery camp -2018 was the 12th attempt. this year (December, 21st to 25th), camp total 123 surgeries -for post burn contractures (including PBC of neck and knee), cancer of oral cavity, breast tumors, Parotid tumor, Cleft lip and palate, etc. were performed in 4 days.

Four screening camps for the same were arranged in October to December, 2017 covering more than 170 people from the remote places of Melghat region and Madhya Pradesh

'Overall it was an excellent camp'- as expressed by all doctors who attended the camp and the patients who underwent surgery were satisfied.  Most of the patients who were operated upon were poor tribals who cannot afford to go to higher centers for plastic surgery. Many of them were suffering from extensive burn contractures and living disabled lives for years together due to poverty. There was no complication.

There was an active participation of  Dr. Dilip Gahankari (M.S., M.Ch, FRCS, FRACS-Plastic surgery-Australia), Dr. Ravi Mahajani (Plastic and Hand surgeon-Australia), Dr. Gopal Gurjar (M.S., M.Ch. Onco-surgery), Dr. Amol Patel  (M.S., M.Ch. Plastic surgery), Dr. Amol Dhopte (Plastic surgeon), Dr. Helge (Anesthetist Australia)  Dr. Maya Bhalerao (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Samrat Taori (Orthopedic surgeon) , Dr. Anjali Kolhe (M.D. Anesthesia),  Dr. Nitin Borakhade (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Sharayu Mankar (M.D. Anesthesia), Dr. Sachin Pawaskar (Anesthetist),  Dr. Prashant Gahukar (M.D. Pathology), Dr. Ramavatar Soni (Pathologist), Dr. Sanjay Deotale (Pathologist ) , Jodie Robertson-Smith (Australia), sister Beth and Sister Johanna, (Australia)  Avinash Satao, Dr. Kavita Satav, Dr. Ashish Satav, Dr. Shinde, Dr. Vipin, Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Ajay, Manik and Sameer Palaskar, Manohar Pande, Madhuri Bavane, doctors from GMC Napgur(Gaurav  and team),  Brother nurses from Acharya Vinoba Bhave Gramin Rugnalaya, Wardha, Nilesh Pranjale and the staff of MAHAN in the camp.

Amanda Coyle (Australia),   Honorable Ramesh uncle Kacholiyaji, Prakash Apte (Caring Friends),  Anu Aga (MPLAD), Bajaj Auto CSR , Rotary club Nagpur, Arpan foundation USA, Paul Hamlyn Foundation UK, Tribal Development Department,  Fine Organics CSR, strongly supported the camp.
Dr. Shailesh Nisal helped a lot for the success of camp by constant suggestions and arranging efficient surgeons. The camp was not possible without active support of Nimeshbhai, Dr. Avinash Saoji, Abhuday Meghe, Mrs. Kamal Satav,  Vilas Renge, Shilpa Satao etc.

The staff of MAHAN trust and Mahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospital worked very hard to make the event successful.


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